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Protect Yourself - Read This First

On this site you will find legal information that may help you if you are experiencing violence in an intimate relationship.

You have three ways to find the information:

 If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can browse through Just the Facts and use the question & answer links to find the information you need.

 If you are uncertain about what information you need, read Mary's (an abused woman) story and use the key words to guide you. Each important event in Mary's story links you directly with information that may be useful if you find yourself a similar situation.

 If you are interested in working through different decision points to learn about women and abuse, select It's Your Story and try an action maze. This is an interactive first-person narrative where you take on the role of a person and make all of the action maze decisions.

About Violet / Disclaimer

This is a joint project of the Centre For Public Legal Education Alberta and the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters. Funding was provided by the Status of Women Canada and the Office of Learning Technologies


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